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Lost in the feed/translation

Memo Review, July 2020

SOmething Essay, catalogue text for SOmething Drawings, curated by Carmen-Sibha Keiso

Read the Room, August 2019.

Image by Victoria Todorov

Typeface design by Clare Wohlnick

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Comedy and Chaos

Memo Review, June 2019.

Abandoned Theme Parc

Memo Review, February 2019.

AAANZ banquet
Spencer Lai Bus Projects

Decadent (Im)Possibilities

Memo Review, December 2018.

Fucky, With Compliments

Bus Projects, catalogue essay

A smile forms into a grimace mid-slumber as the earth spins — it’s funny, such is the sound of laughter — it is like god’s hands on the shoulders of a troubled world

(Spencer Lai, 31 October - 24 November 2018)

Be Your Own Stylist: Protest Aesthetics

Dancehouse Diary, Issue 10, June 2018.

Mutlu Çerkez: Fake or fortune?

Art Monthly, Issue 306, April 2018.

Athens is the New Berlin: documenta’s counterfeit bohemia

Minority Report, February 2018.

Gordon Hookey

Solidarity: live your Greece in myth

Art Monthly, Issue 302, October 2017.

People Soup at Suicidal Oil Piglet

Memo Review, September 2017.

Hana Earles

A 20/20 Retrospective

un Magazine 11.1, April 2017.

Rare Candy: I have become a sign to many

Dissect Journal, 2016-17

Banquet at the Biennial

Art + Australia, 2016.

Critical reader produced as part of the 2015 Gertrude Contemporary Emerging Writers Program. Download here.

AAANZ Conference: Image - Space - Body, 2015

Paper, Personality Shares, presented as a part of the session: Art after the future: Hito Steyerl and the global digital image.

Everything is Fucked

Dissect Journal



Republished in Dancehouse Diary (2014).