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there's no art in heaven (installation view)

there's no art in heaven (February 7—28, 2020) at Mejia.

Gabriella D’Costa, Vava Dudu, Hana Earles, Carmen-Sibha Keiso, Spencer Lai, Nunzio Madden, Liam Osborne, Evelyn Poggioli, Ander Rennick, Victoria Todorov, Michelle Uckotter


Outfitumentary (2016), a film by K8 Hardy

T-shirts by: Tyson Campbell, Gabrielle D’Costa, Edward Dean, Vava Dudu, Alethea Everard, Nunzio Madden, Brendan Morris, Kalyani Mumtaz, Amy Parker, HB Peace, Jasmine Pickup, Evie Poggioli, Augusta Vinall Richardson, Rex Veal and James Vinciguerra

Texts by: Kat Capel, Spencer Lai, Carmen-Sibha Keiso, Vincent Le, Campbell Rothnie and Ainslie Templeton

Organised by: Audrey Schmidt

View documentation and catalogue on Minority Report.


Tell Me What You Have And I Will Know What You Are (August 17—21, 2016), Dissect Journal exhibition, Airbnb, Melbourne and New York.

Anastasia Klose, Body by Body, Callan Bradley Hales, Cristine Brache, Eleanor Ivory Weber, Hana Earles, James Ferraro, Karen Finley, Katherine Botten, Katie West, Monica’s Gallery, Nunzio Madden, Phebe Schmidt, Quintessa Matranga, Rare Candy, Ruth O’Leary and Tanja Ostojić

Tanja Ostojić, Strategies for Success/Curator Series installation including video works I’ll Be Your Angel, 2001. Performance with Harald Szeemann, curator, 49. Biennale, Venice, duration: 4 days, 22-minute video installation; and Be My Guest, 2001. Performance with Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, curator, and Ludovico Pratesi, art critic, "Gravita Zero", Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, duration: 150 minutes.


Karen Finley, Sext Me If You Can interactive performance based out of Finley’s studio in New York City and the bathroom at the Airbnb location.

Curated by Audrey Schmidt, Poster by Nunzio Madden.

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